How to make simple cinnamon and apple tart

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Here is your pastry... You could make your own but its a lot simpler to buy it and with bought stuff it will only take about 10 minutes:)

Ours comes in rolls... (Defrost beforehand if frozen)

Gather and wash your apples and if you have a corer use it (if not follow the next bit)

Cut in half

Cut a small bit of the way through (1cm max) on both sides of the core

Then slice down the back and pull it away

Here are your halves ready:)

You want to slice it lengthways (down the core) and dow it as thin as you can

Put slices into water to stop browning whilst chopping

Drain your water from them when done (might need a bigger bowl)

Add your brown sugar

And cinnamon

Stir well

Slice your pastry (roll if not already done) my hand is there to show a bit of scale

Place slices down the length

Turn oven onto 140*c

Get some milk (optional) and an egg brush

And brush sides of pastry to make it more shiny when done:)

Put them in the oven for about 20-25 minutes (until pastry is cooked)

Take out of oven

And serve:)

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