How to make a knife from a pre-made blank

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Starting with a blade blank, draw a template of how you want your handle to look. Doesn't hurt to go large here, as final sanding will take more off.

You may need to cut your tang shorter, I used a hacksaw.

The idea is that the two big blocks will become the sides of the handle. The inner veneer will hold the tang.

Sand the veneer to just a hair thicker than the tang. Sorry for the blurry photo!

Draw the tang shape onto the veneer and cut it out with a band saw or coping saw.

The side blocks will get glued on either side.

Glue the blocks together with a well-mixed high quality epoxy. Clamp it up tight.

Using top and side templates, cut your handle to shape. Place the blade in the slot before drawing the side view, so that you get your blade angle just right.

I cut the rough shape out with a bandsaw.

Shape the rough handle using a power sander, rasp, etc. I used a spindle sander and finished by hand sanding. Then coat the blade tang with epoxy and pop it into the handle.

Oil the handle with linseed oil and you're all done!

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