How to make the perfect juice for breakfast

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Here's everything you need, minus the juicer =)

A close up of the Mangosteen Powder and Pure Synergy. The Mangosteen Powder I use includes the rind as well as fruit for it's anti-inflammatory qualities. Pure Synergy is my favorite superfood mix.

The masticating juicer! (Mine is an Omega) Masticating juicers are more gentle and do not kill the nutrients, healing enzymes and vitamins the way centrifugal juicers can.

The juice produced by a masticating juicer is uniform, delicious and balanced. A centrifugal juicer brutalizes the plants causing the juice to separate; this creates a much lower quality juice.

Chop your carrots. Taking off the tops is optional. Put them in the bowl first as you'll want them to run through the juicer last to clear out any soft fruit.

Cube your apples. Don't worry about seeds.

Cube your kiwis. Chop off most of the rind but don't worry about wee bits of it.

Start feeding the juicer kiwis!

Then the ginger and the apples...

The the Spinich when you're almost done with the apples and onto the carrots. The healing enzymes and nutrients in the greens die very quickly, so you want to juice them almost last and drink quickly

And we're done!

View of the unmixed juice from above.

From the side, you can see the layers of the different foods. ^_^

Mixes up nicely just pouring it into the cup. Makes an almost perfect fill.

It says to use about 1/4 tsp of the Mangosteen Powder per cup. As a chronic pain patient, I take about 1/2 - 3/4 in one of these once a day.

Put it on top! Don't put the powders in early, it makes thing hard on even the blender bottle.

Nice big heaping tbsp of Pure Synergy. The taste of which is so unoffensive and you can really feel it working!

Plop it on top!

Shaken, shake, shake Sonora, Shake your body right! Move, Move, Move Sonora, work it all the time!!

Extra goodies I take in the mornings to keep myself healthy and happy. This is just my personal preference and mix due to my needs not an advertisement, in case anyone was wondering what else I add.

The one package not there is the tabs on the bottom of the paper towel. Those are Chlorella tablets from Sunfood. I take a handful a day of those for digestion, detoxification, nutrients, and more.

Enjoy your juice! I know I do! <3 =D

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