How to make bounty cupcakes

Ingrediens for the batter

And coconut milk - forgot that on the first picture :)

Toast the coconut flour golden on a dry pan

Add to a bowl

Whip eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar until white

Like this

Mix together flour and baking powder

Add to the eggs and vanilla

Mix until like this

Melt the butter

And add it to the batter

Chop chocolate coarsely

And melt it

Add to the batter together with Malibu

Mix together

Mix together cocoa and coconut flour

Add coconut flour and cocoa

Mix and add coconut milk

Mix together until it looks something like this

Get ready for filling those cupcakes!

Divide the bounty in half

Plug a bounty into each cupcake

Bake the cakes in the center of oven (175 C.) for approx. 12 minutes on hot air. Let them then cool.

Let them cool

Ingrediens for the glaze

Add chocolate to a blender...

...and chop it finely

Add cream and honey to a pot

Boil the cream/honey

Add to the blender and mix shortly

Add cream cheese and butter

Mix shortly - only until just combined

Glaze the cupcakes

And sprinkle with coconut flour

Yummy yummy!

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