How to make a beer-a-lier

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Decide on your bottle type and weather it is important to be true to it's origination. So for this project I chose Coors Light bottles and I really wanted to complete with 18 hanging bottles.

Find an old chandelier, something like this one. Remove all old hanging pieces. Make sure all sockets have bulbs in them. Spray paint, I chose black, I like using Krylon color master.

Locate automotive hose clamps that will fit around the base of your bottles. I went to parts store with bottle and tape measure in hand and together we found the size that would fit.

17 large clamps for the bases, and 1 small clamp for the neck.

Cut 18 pieces of wire in approximately 1 foot sections. Longer or shorter depending on how far down your bottle needs to hang on your chandelier.

Loop your wire around the clamp and twist together approximately 1 1/2 inches.

Then loop over chandelier and connect on the other side. Sorry didn't take a picture before actual bottle install.

After connecting all wire loops to chandelier. .

Make sure your bottles are clean and dry.

Insert bottles into hose clamps and tighten. Being mindful of hanging direction if that's important to you.

HINTS: I used wooden dowels and ladders to hang my project while installing bottles.

I am certain this is the one time you can give and empty case and the receiver will actually be pleased to receive it.

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