How to recycle toilet paper rolls for spring planting

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There is no need to buy those costly pods to plant your flower and vegetable seedlings in to get your gardens started early! Start saving toilet paper rolls in January and you'll be ready by Spring!

Start by cutting 4 1-inch slits in one end of the roll, evenly apart. I do this by flattening and cutting the first two 1-inch strips in the two sides.

Then cutting another 1-inch strip in the center.

Take the four flaps and fold them in to make a bottom.

Add a small piece of tape to hold it shut. I used paper tape (better to degrade in the earth). :)

Opt., you can tie together your rolls with a piece of twine so that it is easier to fill them with dirt and later to water them, etc. I also put them in a plastic tub. (You can use glass or other).

I also used colored toothpicks to remember which flowers I planted in which rolls. You may cover with Saran Wrap until the first sprouts start to show. The Saran Wrap will act like a green house.

Keep them watered and cared for until ready to plant outside. You can thin out the seedlings and plant the tubes directly into the earth or remove them and plant them separately.

In a few weeks you will have beautiful plants ready to put in the ground as soon as the last frost has moved on. 🌻

Watch the video: Starting seeds using old toilet paper rolls - Free pots!

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