How to create pet safe all purpose surface cleaner

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Grab your chosen spray bottle and add the following ingredients...

White vinegar is a natural disinfectant and is safe for pets in moderation (especially when diluted).

We use a no dye no fragrance dish soap as it's safer for our baby bird.

Baking soda is a fantastic odor eliminator. Sprinkle on anything, leave it for 30 min and the odor should be gone.

Adding the baking soda to vinegar will cause a reaction but it will eliminate the vinegar odor.

The baking soda is actually turning the vinegar into a foam. Try trapping as much as possible into the bottle when adding water.

One trick is adding water before adding baking soda. This gives a bit less foam depending on how much vinegar you've added to the bottle.

When adding water the foam will shot out like a fountain. Try to gauge the 3part water by weight as you will not be able to see how much water there is until the foam settles.

Using cool-cold water will help your skin. When wiping keep to going in one direction to help reduce streaks on glass and mirrors. Change water when you notice it's getting too soapy.

If your worried about the mixture not evaporating any micro fiber towel would be awesome to dry your work.

These steps are interchangeable so feel free to adjust :). --Steps-- #1.Give a few sprays to the area you're cleaning #2.Wipe with a clean damp sponge or cleaning cloth #3.Dry if necessary

This mixture works on all surfaces. If using it on wood I recommend that a bit of citrus is added as it's good for the wood.

The reason I moved to animal safe products :). One last thing! I would switch out the mixture after 24 hours or make a batch before your ready to clean.

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