How to make a finnish oven pancake


• whisk the eggs lightly

add the milk

• add the flour and salt little by little, mixing well, let rest for ½ hour

• set your oven at 225 ˚C • melt the butter in the oven dish to grease the dish

Pour the dough on the dish

The dough starts rising; break the bubbles carefully with the help of a fork, to avoid them rising too much and burning on the surface.

• Bake for 20 minutes. The kropsu gets a nice golden brown colour.

Looking good!

Cut generous slices fo your kropsu...

enjoy while still warm...

...traditionally with strawberry jam!


This is our reward for a job well done! I prefer it with just sugar.

Keeps the hubby happy, too.

Watch the video: OVEN PANCAKE. Cats Kitchen: Summer Favorites

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