How to cook red velvet cake with cream cheese icing

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All the ingredient's you'll need Preheat oven to 180 degrees C

The ingredients you'll need for step 1

Melt 100g of butter

Add the melted butter, white sugar and 2 eggs


Whisk until light and fluffy

Get your 2 table spoons of cocoa

Make a paste with the cocoa and red food colouring

Add to mixture and whisk

Add buttermilk, salt, bicarb soda and vinegar add to mixture.

Sift flour

Add to the mix slowly and whisk

Should look and feel thick and be very red when added all the flour

Grease two 20 center meter circle or square tins

Add a little flour to the tin

Add evenly to both tins

Put in oven for 20-30 minutes

To make icing combine 125g of butter, cream cheese, 4 cups of icing sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla

Use electric whipper

Let sit till cool down completly

Put the icing in the middle of the two cakes then start the top

Use a hot knife for smoothing off. We just put it in boiling water remember to wipe it dry before it touches the icing

Add to the top and sides

Smooth off with knife

Cut and enjoy :) I rate it 9/10 my mother rates it 10/10

Tips and improvements: when icing use a knife heated in hot water to make a smooth and glossy surface. If you don't like cream cheese another icing could be whipped cream or chocolate icing!

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