How to make an easy crab and shrimp boil

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Fill large pot 2/3 full of water. Turn on hi and bring to a boil

I used 4 potatoes and 4 ears of corn

Wash potatoes and cut in half

As water comes to a boil add can of 7up

Husk and clean the corn. Then break in half like so

Wash oranges

Then quarter like so

Squeeze orange juice in the water then place orange peels in water

Wash 3 lemons

Then Slice in half

Squeeze lemon juice then add peel in the water

Add crab boil

Add corn and potatoes in the pool

Add your sausage , Bring to a boil until corn and potatoes are almost cooked

Add one stick butter

I like it spicy so I add extra crushed red pepper

One small ginger washed

Sliced and added to the pool

Whole bunch of green onions

Sliced in half and rinsed like so

Chop bottom half 1st like so and add to the pool

Chop top half like so and set aside. You will add to the pot last

I like to use this Cajun seasoning. Season your water to taste add extra salt if need

I love garlic I add lots! At least 3 tbls

1 lb fresh shrimp

2 1/2 lbs snow crab legs

When your pot comes to a boil add your seafood and the rest of the green onions.

Once your pot comes to a boil turn your heat off. Let stand for 10 mins so your flavors will penetrate through

Strain in a large pan include everything

Sprinkle extra seasoning


Place foil on top to keep warm and moist


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