How to make onigiri without sushi rice

Line bowl with plastic wrap

Grab some rice and on it goes on a deep plate

Dissolve the sugar and salt in the vinegar, this makes the rice sticky and then it will resemble sushi rice. The picture's not that clear but it's in there.

Here I have just mixed the seasoning/topping and vinegar mixture into the rice.

Drop a scoop of rice into the plastic lined bowl

Wrap the plastic around the ball of rice. Shape and mould to make a round or triangle, actually any simple shapes work.

Here is the ball o' rice.

Then take the seaweed strip and wrap in around the rice ball. Get pre-cut and roasted seaweed in you local grocery store or Asian market.

Here is one I made yesterday.

If sushi rice is available to you, use that to make the process quicker, you don't need the vinegar anymore. Fill it with crab sticks, tuna mayo and other stuff like fish and veggie if you like.

Watch the video: How to Make Sushi Rice - The Quickest and EASY Sushi Rice!

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