How to draw a maze

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First, use the ruler to draw a square on the paper.

Next, erase two spaces on different sides of the square to make the start and finish.

Draw another square inside the original square using the ruler. After the second square is drawn, erase some holes.

Add a few more squares and erase holes in them. Make sure to leave room in between each square.

Draw a few shapes inside the last square made to make the maze more interesting. Make sure to erase spaces in the shapes.

Keep adding smaller shapes inside the shapes and erasing holes until there is no space left to draw. Don't make it too crowded, though.

Decide how you want your maze to be solved. Use a pencil, but make sure you don't press to hard so you can erase.

Add lines to block other paths and erase more holes if needed. Make sure when you are done to erase the desired solution of the maze.

Congratulations! You have completed your drawing of a maze.

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