How to easily store delicate christmas ornaments

All you need to easily store those delicate Christmas ornaments is a wine box (local wine suppliers give them for free!), ornaments, and one piece of tissue paper (or paper towel) per ornament.

Place the ornament in the bottom center of the tissue paper.

Roll the ornament in the tissue paper

Fold the two ends over the ornament, one folded over the bottom and one folded on the top.

Place the ornament into the bottom of the wine box. If your ornaments are less breakable, you can skip rolling them in tissue and stack them with a folded piece of tissue paper between each.

Roll this odd shaped ornaments the same way. To fit these in, bend one of the cardboard segments back

Stack ornament in each section until they reach the top. Continue until your box is full, then store for next year!

All finished!

Watch the video: How To Organize Your Holiday Ornaments

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