How to draw the "impossible triangle"

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Draw a Triangle

Draw lines like that in the picture shown.

Make a slant line at the right side. Make it longer than the other line parallel to it.

The draw a horizontal line at the bottom, again longer than the line parallel to it.

And the draw another slant line on the left side, again longer than te line parallel to it.

Then at the upper side, draw a little line.. Just look at the picture

And another line at the bottom left..

And another line at the bottom right..

Note: As you can see in the Pictures I drew/shown, The Lines aren't longer to the ones parallel to it.. DON'T DO WHAT I DID CUZ IF YA DO, YOUR "Impossible Triangle" WON'T LOOK LIKE WHAT WE WANT.

So Might as well, make it longer.

Now add a line at the right side like in the picture


And tada!! You have your Impossible Triangle! And If you want, color ever L-shaped side to make it look cooler!

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