How to cook an apple pie with sour cream

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Put soft butter in a bowl where you will mix next coming up ingredients.

Add sugar!

Mix well the soft butter and sugar. You can use blender or mixer (personally I used spoon!)

Add on top 2 eggs and mix..

In a mixture of butter, sugar and eggs add baking powder and 260gr of flour.

Mix all.. And you should end up having elastic dough that is slightly sticky to your hands.

Divide the mixed dough into two unequal parts (one more than the other!). Spread the larger part onto the baking dish.. (Mine is 21cm in diameter).

Peel and wash the apples and then cut into thin strips. Spread on dough.

Add cinnamon on apples!

The left part of dough (small part!) roll and cut into strips.. Then put as a grid on top of apples.

After putting all dough on top, take one apple and use ONLY the yolk to put on top of strips. Put then the pie into the oven to 175-180 degrees for 40-45 minutes. Bake until the top turns yellowish!

In a separate bowl put the sour cream, powdered sugar and stir together.

You will end up having sour cream. (You can replace powdered sugar with normal sugar). The cream should be like a liquid..

Get the cake out when it's ready and white it's still hot pour the sour cream on top! Give it two or three hours to soak in..

Now enjoy your cake! (sorry for previous photographs my photo camera has gone crazy!!!!)


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