How to make snowflakes room decor for x-mas

Happy Holidays everyone!! Here is my snowflake masterpiece tutorial! Lol


Chose a template to trace from. I got this from the back of a holiday book.

Lay them out on a sheet of paper

Get your glue

Set them on a large cardboard or poster

Get your glitter. Sprinkle them with glitter generously.

Flip them over and do the same process. This is so that when they are hanging off the ceiling, they look pretty on both sides.

Set them aside and let them dry.

Get your yarn.

Cut a decent length of string. Cut them different lengths for each snowflake.

Put some tape on the ends of each string

That's it!! ❄❄

Watch the video: Christmas Decoration I How to make Snowflake with Glitter foam Sheet I Our Sweet Mom

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