How to cook lamb fry (tala huva gosh)

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Cut the lamb into bite size. Mixed all the ingredients except olive oil.

Placed them in the pressure cooker with little water as the meat is going to take time to cook. If you like to cook it without the pressure cooker also it would be great all depends on the meat.

After it got cooked in the pressure cooker still has water so do not think of throwing the excess but get it into a non stick and let the water evaporate on medium heat.

Now as the water is all soaked up don't forget to keep mixing it. Add olive oil to it and start the frying process. We like it crunchy on the outside so fry a bit up and keep scrapping the bottom.

I removed a little before adding olive oil and froze it for later use. Make sure you keep mixing and ensure the masala is not burnt as it tends to stick to the pan.

All done. Couldn't get a nice shot but can't wait as kids would love to pop them. Can be served with rice and daal. As we always do tastes so good.

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