How to do vampire makeup for halloween

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Just a few of the items you will mainly be using, it's quite a few so :)

Start with a nude powder shadow

Then use a brighter shadow

Also use it along the inner corners of your eye

Take a black shadow

Like this

I'm using this yellow on my lid next, you can choose any color you want really but I like the damaged look

My next move is a cream can use a pencil but I'm using this

Enhance your brows (if needed)

Of course you need mascara

Take your eye liner pencil (or liquid, whatever)

Take some liquid latex and pour a small amount into a container you can throw away

Take your liquid foundation..

And layer it over the veins to give it an "under the skin" look

A thick liquid concealer

And blend it over the veins as well just to give it more skin and depth

Take your red

And line your water line of your can also use a red lipstick and a brush, makeup is make up

Blend the red on down to the top of the veins and you can blend in some purple and black to give it a different color

Take your black eyeliner and go back over the top part of your veins again to redefine them

I used this because I didn't have a blue cream shadow or liner but it works just as well

Line the bottom part of the veins to make them look more natural

Add some lipstick of choice, corner your eyes with red, add your vampire teeth, and prowl the town!!!

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