How to make a cute stretchy bracelet

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My supplies I use!

I'll be showing you how to make this ADORABLE stretch bracelet. Makes an awesome gift or just for anything. I am using other colors so this is my example

Start by cutting off about an arms span length of .5mm (or .7mm) stretch cord, this should give you PLENTY to work with

Thread the cord through your beading needle

Cut the ribbon of your choice according to size of your wrist...the length that works well for most is from your finger tips to your shoulder blade

Tie a knot leaving 7 in from one end...that way you have room to tie your bow at the end

Take your stretchy cord and tie a knot at the other end from your needle

Feed your needle through the knot of your ribbon...

....until the knot stops you from going any will have excess which you will clip off at the end

Add a bead onto your needle

And let it fall to the bottom

Pull your needle through the ribbon right next to the bead, going down

Measure 1/2 in over, and you will thread your needle back up through your ribbon, making the scrunch form

Like this...

Add another bead...

Let it drop to the bottom...

Run the needle straight down into the ribbon next to the bead like we just did...

Measure 1/2 in over...and bring it back up...

You will continue to do these steps for the rest of the length of your bracelet!! :)

While you're adding and weaving, keep in mind to keep scrunching your don't want it to loose where it just looks floppy ;)

Here's my finished length of bracelet!!!

Tighten and scrunch bracelet, remove your needle, and take your stretchy cord and tie a knot as close as you can to the bracelet, you should have your cord coming DOWN ward out of the ribbon

Take your cord and ribbon together, and tie another knot, so it looks equivalent to the beginning.

Clip both ends of your stretchy cord

Tie your pretty bow, and wear!!! Trim your extra ribbon so they're even :)


You can also burn the ends a bit so they don't Frey ;) I just didn't do the yet! Happy beading!!

Watch the video: How To: Stretch Bracelets w. Hidden Knot

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