How to make pulled pork (kaagh style)

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Gather all your supplies.

Mix it in a Bowl.

Put the roast in a plasticbag with the marinade.

...And give it a gentle massage for a few minutes.

...and then a little bit more.

Seal the bag...

And put it in the fridge until the next day.

Now, enjoy the rest of the day. Go to bed, and get a good nights sleep. And early in the next morning...

...put your roast in a roasting pan.

Turn the oven on at 100 degrees...

...and put it ind the oven. And now you can go to work. Or you can lay back and read a good book, or maybe turn on the TV ;-)

And finally, after 12 hours in the oven, the roast is done. And the the last thing you need to do, is to 'pull' it.

Yum yum...

Use two forks. It is fairly easy, since the roast almost fall apart.

Ready to serve.

Me and my family love burgers with coleslaw and pulled pork. But we can also recommend to serve it with french fries and a good salad. Have fun and enjoy :-)

Thanks for watching Feel free to comment. Guide for Coleslaw coming soon :-)

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