How to swedish chocolate muffin

Looks good right!

Crack 2 eggs in a bowl...

Pour 3 dl of sugar....

3 tsp vanilla extract and 1 tsp salt and whisk....

Whisk into a nice white fluffy cream...

Fluffy creamish looking... Tastes delicious!!!

Add 0.5 dl cacao


This is what it should look like:)

Add 1.5 dl white flour

Whisk it back to the delicious cream

Melt 100g of butter

Poor it into the bowl and mix it slowly


Turn the oven on to 165 C

Getting ready....

Fill the muffins to 2/3 with the chocolate mixture

All done..

Put them in for about 12-15 minutes

Take them out... Caution HOT!

Let them cool of cause right now they are TOO HOT for you (if you know what I mean)


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