How to make a lemon slice

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Gather all the ingredients

Pour condensed milk and the 125 grams of butter

Once the condensed milk and butter have slowly melted, place the mixture in a blender with the biscuits, coconut, lemon grind and juice. Wait until the mixture has been slowly blended.

Once the ingredients have been blended, place the hard mixture into a container or on a tray, as demonstrated above. Than firmly press down to fill the entire space on the tray and make it spread even

Place the tray in the fridge and wait for the mixture to harden, while waiting for 10 minutes for the mixture to harden, add lemon juice, icing sugar, softened butter and coconut and mix into an icing

After waiting the ten minutes, spread icing mixture onto pan evenly.... Than you will have a very tasty and easy lemon slice.. :)

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