How to Cook Eggs in the Basket

Prepare yourself

Cut off the middle part

Use a wine glass if you don't have a ring mold

We are ready...

Pour some oil or any other fat

Should almost cover the pan. But not too much

Fire on medium

Toast first and then the egg.

After 6 minutes, depending on your stove, gently release it from the bottom. If you have a non-stick this is not necessary

If this is possible to do you are half way there

Lift it up using a spatula or your hands

Don't mind if looks like this

Add a little bit more oil

Flip the egg

Shouldn't take more than 2 minutes. We just want to coagulate the egg white

Put it where you want it

Salt and pepper


The other side its not so pretty

Or you can cheat


But it's not the same thing

Watch the video: Huevos I

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