How to Roasted Vegetable Wrap

Lay out Spinach Wrap

In small pan, over medium heat, sauté Roasted Peppers.

While peppers cook, spread Hummus in center of Spinach wrap as pictured. A little goes a long way, so don't load too much.

Sprinkle Goat Cheese as picturd.

Top with thin layer of Baby Spinach.

Top with Roasted Peppers.

Fold edges in as pictured.

Carefully roll over. Wrap is brittle so watch for punctures.

Pinch down using fingertips, again be easy.

Gently pull back and tighten roll, tuck under to hold seal.

Place into Panini Grill with open flap side down to prevent unravelling. Close press.

When toasted, slice diagonally.

Plate as pictured.

Watch the video: Bobbis Kitchen roasted vegetables

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