How to Use Jumping Stilts

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Make sure you have everything you need.

Sit on a something like a stair and put on the jumping stilts. Use the Velcro straps to fasten your shoes and legs to the jumping stilt. If you find this difficult, have a friend assist you.

Have a friend help you stand up. Make sure it's on a flat surface, preferably asphalt.

Holding on to a wall or a friend, take small steps on the jumping stilts. Make sure your legs are wide enough apart so that the jumping stilts don't touch.

When attempting to walk on your own, make sure that each "hoof" is firmly on the ground when each step is taken. Also, have a friend nearby in case you fall.

Once you feel comfortable walking, attempt to jump a little while holding on to a friend or a wall. Once you are able to jump in little jumps without the friend or wall, try to take bigger jumps.

After you learn to take bigger jumps, try to move around. If you can do that, keep practicing until you feel comfortable moving around in big jumps.

Finally, go back to the first thing you learnedwalking. Practice walking quickly, with a little jumping in each step. Keep going faster and faster, and before you know it, you'll be running!

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